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    Personal Safety and Navigation for the low vision community - a great experience for all users.

Design with Accessibility in Mind

Accessibility, for us, is not just about making information available to users with disabilities—it's about making information available to everyone, regardless of their capabilities or situation. Designing an app with accessibility in mind means prioritizing simplicity and perceivability and examining every design decision to ensure that it doesn't exclude users who have different abilities or interact with their devices in different ways.

Inclusive Design

We believe that inclusive design gives more people the opportunity to enjoy our apps by ensuring that everyone can use and understand them.

Introducing Auggie!

The ultimate personal safety and navigation tool for the low vision community.

Extensive Personal Safety and Navigation Features

Take Control of Your Personal Safety

Here I Am

Let friends and family know you have arrived safety or simply let them know where you are.

Mark Location

Mark a Location to leave a digital Breadcrumb Trail. Use to find your way back to your: home, hotel, car in a parking lot or back to any location that you marked.

Not Feeling Safe

Walking home alone, in a dark parking lot or garage, traveling, on a bad date or you find yourself in any unsafe or uncertain situation that someone should be made aware.

Get Me There

Find locations near you by category or place name. Search by keypad or voice recognition. Call a chosen location, browse the location’s website, GPS directions and Augmented Reality mapping and walking directions.

On My Way

Let someone know that you are leaving work, school, an event, friend's house, or leaving any location that you feel someone should be made aware.

My Way Back

Find your way back to any Marked Location with turn-by-turn GPS directions or route instructions.

Health Emergency

Home alone, traveling, at the gym, walking, jogging, hiking or in any situation that you are having a health or medical emergency.

Alert Contacts

Create a trusted Alert Contacts list with family, friends, co-workers. Customize the alert types each contact can receive.

Simplicity - Perceivability

Our apps are designed to enable familiar, consistent interactions that make complex tasks simple and straightforward to perform. Making sure that all content can be perceived whether people are using sight, hearing, or touch.

"Love this App. So easy to use!
Kim Saunders
Satisfied Customer
"Fantastic! Most complete set of accessibility features that I have seen in any other app of its kind.
Josh Williams
Satisfied Customer
"Amazing! Even though I am not vision impaired, I find the personal safety features of the app invaluable.
Liz James
Satisfied Customer
Using technology to overcome challenges

Download Auggie!

Designed for the low vision community but will provide a great experience for all users.