New Release, New Name!

mySafetyNet is now Auggie!

We are excited to announce Auggie 2.0.1 and we think that you are going to love it!

Auggie 2.0.1 has the same great personal safety and navigation features for the low vision community but now with a whole lot more!

● A more inclusive design with accessibility in mind. Accessibility, for us, is not just about making information available to users with disabilities—it’s about making information available to everyone, regardless of their capabilities or situation.

● Improved Voiceover and Dynamic text accessibility.

● A map snapshot, with your current location, will automatically be added to every alert message to provide better aid for every safety or emergency situation..

● Introducing Auggie Speak –

Depending on your degree of vision impairment, full voiceover is not always necessary. When Auggie speak is turned on, all notifications and messages will automatically be spoken. No need to reach for those reading glasses. Auggie Speak can be turned on from “Settings” or just shake your phone to turn Augge speak on/off.

● Alerts

– A map snapshot with your current location is now included with all Alerts.

● “Get Me There” Navigation

– Large, easy access menu buttons

– Voice recognition searches by category or place name, no keyboard needed.

– Direct access to locations web site for browsing

– Direct dial a location without leaving the app.

– GPS turn by turn directions or route instructions.

– You can now save and access your Favorite locations for quicker access.

● Augmented Reality! – Auggie now has augmented reality powered map views and GPS directions.

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